Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all my friends and followers! Things are gathering speed now at the' Fricker 'household.
Alice is beside herself and I think Flora is too. Izy has finished the table decoration, William's cutting up yet more logs to try and warm up this place! Harry sadly isn't around as he is working as a chef in a very trendy bar in Instow, we do have him later tonight and tomorrow. I have a busy job to wrap rather a lot of pressies that I thought wasn't much!
The lane here is like an ice-rink and we still can't get in or out with a car, the sledge is fantastic but rides like a bobsleigh at a hundred miles an out anyone wanting a peaceful walk!
I am looking forward to the new year and moving forward with my new venture, although I do feel that it may take longer than first hoped, all my fingers and toes are truely crossed. May I wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas is nearly here!

In between all my Christmas shopping, I have been busy making all sorts of things for Christmas. I spent a wonderful day helping a dear friend Clare make bunting with Snowmen on each triangle. Clare had never sewed anything before so it did take a rather a long time, but the results were fab and we had lots of laughs along the way. Especially when trying to decide were to hang it!
The next day we swooped skills. Clare is a glass artist and so she taught me her the very tricky art of how to cut glass and make it into something amazing. I have no photos of my glass attempts yet, they are to follow.
I have also been making a much waited for Christmas stocking for Flora, something to keep forever and now Alice wants one too!

Friday, 10 December 2010

I'm in 'Wed' magazine!

I have had such an exciting afternoon, at long last 'Wed' magazine is out on sale and I have got a fantastic feature ,4 pages of my dresses and half a page add!
This is what they say about me.....Caroline Fricker Coututre.

"Made from the finest silks, organza and embroidered chiffon's, Caroline Fricker's stunning couture gowns are individually designed and handmade. With a fashion career that spans several decades, Caroline's award-winning flair is in full force within her beautiful and bespoke gowns. Incorporating every bride's personal sense of style with her innate creativity, Caroline Fricker Couture provides an all-inclusive service for breathtaking results."

Thank you so much 'Wed' magazine for believing in me!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Home coming!

What a great weekend. I have managed to do 3 Christmas Fairs with the help of Flora and Alice, all being quite good earners and making some lovely friends on the way! Its quite interesting watching what people go for, some stand for long periods of time contemplating while other walk right up to you and take what they want quickly and walk away. I was lucky to sell nearly all my wears and what was left over ....I was really rather glad as ,I think they will make great pressies for my friends and family!
We had an unexpected surprise on Saturday. Harry came home a week early from his travels in SirLanka , he had run out of money. It was so good to see him and to hear all his funny stories of his travels and fantastic photography. For the first time I could actually see him following in my husbands footsteps as a travel writer and photographer, we are very proud of him and wish him well , Great to have you home Harry!
Exciting news for me this week as I have an add and small writeup coming out in a very trendy Wedding magazine called 'Wed' , I must go and buy it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A wintery scene!

This was the scene that I looked out on this morning, quite inspirational and rather charming . It made me get quite excited about Christmas and everyone coming home. Harry returns on the 10th and Izy back from Bath on the 17th. The house is incredibly cold but maybe not so cold as outside! I shall certainly make it welcoming, as we have missed them terribly!
After a pretty scary journey to Georgeham Christmas fair, sliding all the way down the hill sideways. I did extremely well . A big Thank you to all my lovely friends who supported me and bought some lovely gifts!

Friday, 26 November 2010

More cushions!

A long week of making curtains and roman blinds! I just had to break it up a bit with these gorgous lilac velvet cushions with appliqued cupcakes on the front. So very tactile and a must have for your little girls bedroom or perhaps yourself.
Georgeham Craft Fair Tuesday 30th 1 until 4 pm, a great place for unsual Christmas gifts, and lots from me too!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A classic gown.

Good morning everyone, so sorry I have not blogged for a while, we have had rather alot of illness in our house!
Herewith is one of my favorite gowns. A classic 1950's fichu neckline which sits elegantly just below the shoulder line, and crosses over to the side- finished with a gold and ivory organza flower. This fitted bodice is made in a dark Ivory Taffeta and is delicately laced at the back. It worn with a beautiful 'Aline netted skirt. Such a elegant look and incredibly feminine
This week I am busy again making crafty things for Christmas fairs, and suddenly I have lots of curtains and alterations, although I would much prefer a gown or two!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Royal Wedding!

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton! I love a good wedding especially a Royal one, we so know how to do things properly in this country!
Yes of course I would love to design and make her gown... I am waiting for the phone to ring!
Choosing the gown is the hardest part of planning for the great day. Every girl regards her gown as the dress of her dreams. But this is not just any girl, nor is it just any wedding gown. A future Queen of England needs to think long and hard, so much to take into consideration. My bet for the Royal designer will be Stuart Parvin..... classic and timeless or maybe Phillipa Lepley. Another designer that Kate uses is an Brizilian designer Daneiella ''Issa'' Helayel.I only wish it was me, maybe if I had started out when I did and not stopped, I would be up there now, and a real consideration!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


What a busy weekend! I have been getting ready for Christmas. I have quite a few Christmas fairs coming up and I have been making lots of lovely things to sell. I will let you know where I am shortly.
Flora has been busy helping me get an add ready for Wed Magazine which comes out for the 5th December, it looks fab!
On Friday afternoon William is on Radio Gloucester giving an interview about the new Cotswold book and then he is book signing in Broadway at the Blandford bookshop. Fame at last!!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Its a cats life!

Bear had decided that it was far far to windy and wet to venture out today. So she found a rather snug place and made a lovely warm bed in my ribbon box. She slept there for at least 5 hours and occasionally opened her eyes to watch me sew at my machine.

Monday, 8 November 2010

A Winter Wedding!

I love winter weddings, its a great time to use other textures and to use luxurious fabrics and colour.
Here I have designed a gown using a navy blue silk velvet.It has a fitted bodice with long sleeves and a huge blue velvet bow and tails falling down the back of a full skirted gown in Ivory silk taffeta. This gown looks amazing with a full and long train.
For me the neckline is perhaps one of the most elegant styles, a fichu neckline taken from the 1950's. It frames the neck and shoulders, which cleverly elongates the neck. For winter it looks gorgeous and very sophisticated. Finished off with tiny ivory covered buttons down the back. Wow!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Travel time!

Today I have been making things to add to my studio, pretty things with lace ,ribbons and bows.
I love using up all my scraps, so I have had a relaxing day making garters with some exquisite vintage lace. I managed to make a 6 ring cushions too!
Tomorrow my son Harry is off on his travels to SirLanka to surf for a few months , I hate it when someone leaves my nest! Good Luck Harry and be safe!
William's gone to the Cotswolds to sell our new book and Izy is coming home for the week.
I had a beautiful Bride visit this week . I would love to design her gown. She had lovely ideas and loved the vintage look. My beautiful model sent her to me... Thank you Rachael!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thinking on your feet!

I have been looking through all my old gowns and Brides and came across this. It was taken right bang in the middle of the 1980's by William ... oh, I'm sure you can tell! She was a beautiful bride. Look at the huge ruffle which sat on top of huge puffball sleeves, trimmed with handmade silk roses. The rest of the dress was a tight boned bodice falling into a full skirt and train. The gown was trimmed with the roses coming from the waist and falling down the front of the gown.

I remember the wedding day well, as I went to dress the bride, which is something I often do. As my bride sat chatting happily and admiring the gown, she picked up a bottle of nail varnish to paint her nails. She shook the bottle, as you do, and to our horror the lid flew off and the pink varnish spread itself all across the back off the train and onto her mother's new carpet!
This is where you have to think on your feet.... Nail varnish remover was used x 2 bottles, bought at amazing speed from the chemist, I scrubbed and scrubbed [luckily the silk was of excellent quality to withstand this harsh liquid] With only 40 minutes to go the start of the wedding, my bride remained completely calm. I however, was 7 months pregnant and feeling as if I was going to have the baby at any minute. You may be wondering how this could ever be resolved. Well... I ended this dilemma by pruning the roses that feel gently from the waist, to falling casually up and across the back and train.
As she walked up the aisle, not a minute late, looking beautiful and serene, nobody was any the wiser!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Cotswold Book

Gosh! Where has the time gone, I have not blogged since the Wedding Fair last Sunday and its already Wednesday. Its half term so I am trying to enjoy some lovely time with the girls and Harry before he goes on his travels next week. We are off to Bath tomorrow to see Izy, so we have been busy making cakes and yummy food to take for her.I think a visit to Ikea is on the cards too!

Hot off the press.... If you are interested, my husband has brought out a new book on the Cots wolds. We have worked very hard all summer to bring this book together, there are over 250 amazing images which is a collection from 25 years of photography. It is a fabulous book and we are very proud of this incredible achievement!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The finer details!

My work is all about the finer detail, something that is often lost in the design and construction of 'off the peg' gowns. After using a fabulous Italian Duchess Satin here on this Gown, which by the way is the 'King' of all silks! I thought a soft embroidered Chiffon upper bodice would soften the whole look.It is such a delicate floaty silk, that is often used as an over skirt or in a train. Here it looks extremely elegant with a low cut bust, slightly padded so the shape is held beautifully. And to finish off the whole look a pearl stunning is that!
Don't forget I am showing my collection at Woolhanger Manor Bridal Fair this sunday 24th October.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Creative thoughts!

After a long week of Alice being at home, and before I get ready for my Bridal Fair next weekend at Woolhanger Manor. I thought I needed to gather my thoughts, and what a better way than being creative with a few bits of gorgeous fabric. After an hour this is the result. A white Egyptian cotton cushion with a floral design appliqued onto the front....... Oh so satisfying!

Made to order if you are interested.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Come along!

After a few days of just making sure my gowns are perfect again. They are iron and bagged up ready for another Wedding Fair. This time at Woolhanger Manor, near Paracombe, North Devon on Sunday the 24th October. I will not be doing a show but I'll be on a stand showing my collection. So if your getting married and want to visit this most amazing venue on Exmoor do come along.
I thought this photo was rather fun!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Wow, what a Show!

Wow! what an exciting weekend at Westpoint Arena for the Wedding Show. I am so exhausted. Two days of none stop shows attended by 1800 people. I still can't quite believe they were my gowns out there. The models were terrific, they made the gowns come alive as they danced down the catwalk. Teamcatwalkers who put on the show were great and certainly knew their business. Thank you Guys!!

Flora and I worked so hard dressing the models and changing them so quickly we hardly had time to think!

It is always manic behind the catwalk, but we all worked well together and had tremendous fun. Quite an eyeopener for Flora I think!

I have learnt so much from this. My gowns defiantly looked TOP END of the market and stood out really in a class of their own, perhaps because they were all handmade from 100% silk. All the other gowns on show over the weekend designer and otherwise were to my surprise 100% polyester. I could certainly tell the difference but could the audience!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ironing all day long!

The days are flying passed and its nearly the Wedding Show at Westpoint Arena. Today I have been ironing for nearly 5 hours , all the gowns that are being worn on the catwalk for the 2 days. I had forgotten how much work has gone into producing all these gowns, they look stunning all hung up together. Fingers crossed and everything else that this show brings in some interest!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Things are looking up!

The phone today has not stopped ringing. I have been told today that I am opening the Wedding Show at Westpoint Arena, Exeter next Saturday 9th and 10th October!
William's new book has arrived from China and it is amazing and well worth buying if you have a love of the Cotswolds and you want a fabulous pressy to give someone for Christmas . I have also been asked to submit all my photos to the magazine, ' Bride' the guide for the South West, as they are going to feature me in the next addition out in January. Wow and its only 2 o'clock. Things may be looking up!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Show time!

I am sorry I have been away for a few days. My daughter Izy went back to university, and as she is in Bath I had to be the one to take her back! Things were slow last week until I had a fantastic offer to show my gowns at The Autumn Wedding Show, Westpoint Arena, Exeter on Saturday 9th and 10th of October. I am taking part in the fashion show that will be showing 3 times a day for the 2 days. I am so excited at the chance of getting my gowns out there.
So many things to do ..... show cards to be printed. What do you think to this one? I have had a list of my models, they seem so tall 5ft 9in and super skinny. I have 5 models and a finale model.Which gown do I put on which model? and will they fit!!!! I am now in a flat spin, however, I am trying to stay calm. I have less than 2 weeks to prepare. And after being out of the fashion world for so long , there nothing like being thrown in in the deep

Monday, 20 September 2010

Ready for a Wedding!

As I am often busy in my studio, my daughter Alice loves to dress up. So today she is off to a wedding and created a rather good fascinator, don't you think!
Her skirt is a long piece of chiffon wrapped around and around her waist. She played for hours , maybe she will follow in my footsteps.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

'Flowers from the Garden' by Izy.

I just thought I'd show you this . Its hot of the press from my daughter Izy and not even dry yet!
She has just completed her university work for the Summer on 'Flowers from the garden', and has done some beautiful paintings. She has used mixed media in this painting which has built up layers of texture . She has used simple things like rice mixed in with paint for the centers of the flowers, little bits of gold leaf and fabric for the vase. I think its worthy of a frame. Maybe it will not be going back to Bath! I think we could put one on my Etsy sight to sell. What do you think?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New Silks!

Today in the post came lots of new fabrics for the Spring from my suppliers, this is always a exciting time for me, as my mind starts to spin thinking of all those lovely design, maybe later I shall get out my pencils and get totally absorbed , as today we are shrouded in sea mist and fine persistent rain!
What do you think of this simple gown? An old favorite of mine. I have made it in a silk Dupion with a rather intricate lace overlay on the bodice, delicately beaded with little seed pearls. It sits slightly off the shoulder where it is finished with a silk and lace frill sleeve cap. All around the neck edge is a pleated frill to finish off this pretty bodice. The skirt is slightly gathered onto the bodice and is worn with a petticoat. It is finished off with little rulo loops and button at the back. Hand made silk flowers sit at the centre front in a little corsage.... Very feminine

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Busy days!

Its all go here this morning. After 3 days of sending out press releases, I am starting to have some feed back and requests for images. This is very encouraging for me !
William my husband has now got a BLOG at long last, thanks to Flora designing it for him and making him sit down to write it. So if you have time please take a look
You can then see all the beautiful images for our new book coming out in time for Christmas.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Shoes to compliment!

I have really enjoyed decorating these shoes to go with my Sarah Gown. They have a small court heel which complements this dress beautifully as worn in the Jane Austin Era.
In my studio I have a mass of wonderful boxes all crammed full of little gems to decorate my shoes. From flowers,shells and ribbons to the tiniest little seed pearls. I have collected things for years and put them away knowing that one day they will be used!I love decorating and making things look beautiful and I get hours of satisfaction from these fiddly tasks!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Back to School!

Back to school today and back to work for me! I'm really looking forward to pushing forward and getting my new business out there. I have had lots of interest from my blog and now I have to promote my new website

I will also be designing a range of hair accessories and beautiful silk veils, maybe with a little help from the Kittens too!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Live at last!

Its a very exciting day for me today, as my website has gone live!So please take a look .
I would love some feed back too. I have waited for a long time for this moment, and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with it.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


I have kept this gown until now to show you , It is from my new Collection for 2010/11. It is very Jane Austen
It is such a simple gown, and although this era could be rather unflattering, this is certainly not the case with this gown.
It is made from Ivory Silk Dupion, with an overlaid embroidered Chiffon on the bodice and sleeve, and again at the bottom of the underskirt. It is complimented with a beautiful Chiffon top skirt that falls away from under the bust line, it is open at the front, so that when you walk it pulls back to reveal the underskirt. It is finished off with a washed vintage silk Dupion sash and delicate bow in pink with a vintage broach, and six little rullo loops and covered buttons at the back. This dress is shown off beautifully walking through camomile with the most amazing Barn door behind. I have made this gown with a very special person in mind, and it is called Sarah!
Today I have had a really lovely meeting with my first Bride. She was very beautiful and stylish and loved all the things I love too , I am very excited and look forward to her return!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Back in Fashion!

I was looking through all my old magazine cuttings today and came across this great photo. The chap looks rather dated , it was at least 17 years ago when this went into Brides magazine! However the gown was a huge hit. It was made in a iced pink Dupion Silk with a low fichu neckline that showed the shoulders off beautifully. The skirt was rather full with a long train which was very fashionable at the time. Although it seems that this is coming back into fashion again. The front and back of this skirt has an inverted pleat of white Silk Dupion, which looked fabulous when the Brides walked up the Isle. The back is finished off with a fall of handmade Organza roses made at the time by my lovely mum how helped me so much. Not forgetting all the covered buttons and roulo loops!
This feature brought in many orders. I now need to start thinking about my new collection and where to take it.

Monday, 9 August 2010


After many years away from the drawing board, to start again came as a shock to the system. However after a few roughs here is my Collection in pen.
All these gowns will be up on my new website very shortly. After a few days camping with my lovely friends in South Devon and a whirlwind trip moving my daughter into new digs in Bath. I am back and looking forward to meeting some new customers that are interested in my Collection. They will not be disappointed!

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Wow! what do you think to this?
This is my inspiration for today, from my father's garden in the Cotswold's. Its taken in the early morning by my husband William. It is a Delphinium, the colour is incredible. I could see this in a beautiful Dupion silk or some luxurious silk velvet. Maybe a Ivory gown with a winter wrap in Ivory lined with Delphinium blue Velvet. I must find a supplier!
I am now away for a few days with my girls and some very lovely friends, camping in South Devon. I do hope the weather holds!!!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Using up the scraps!

My dear friend Sarah gave me the inspiration for this cushion. I have cut circles of fabric[scraps from my wedding gowns] and gathered them up, pulled the running thread tight and made a Small mushroom shape. I have then flattened them with the iron to make little flowers. The stems are ric-rac sewn on in green thread, all mounted on a lovely linen and tied with a silk bow. I have made two, One for Sarah and one for my Studio. Oh and a few vintage sparkles on the odd flower, to catch the light!
A good day today. Flora has sold six of her paintings to a delightful shop in the village, so we are all excited for her . Our house is a hive of creative activity. Long may it last!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Web site on its way!

Over the last few weeks, I have been working hard with the help of my daughter Flora and my web designer Phil. I am very happy to say that we are nearly finished and I am delighted with it.I had know idea that so much went into web design and its language, but I feel very proud that I was so involved and have been able to learn so much. I have had a very distinct vision of the way I wanted it to look, so I hope very soon you will be able to take a look and see for yourself.

Friday, 23 July 2010

'Flora's Garden'

My inspiration for today is this amazing picture that my daughter Flora has painted for me, for my Studio. She does all sorts of colourways based on the garden 'Flora's Garden', and has been lucky enough to sell quite a few already. Flora has a wonderful eye for colour and design and she has helped me so much over the last few months with my Collection.
Thank you Flora.
Painted to order £120.00

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sea Holly

This is truly inspirational and has my mind in a whirl.....Sea Holly found at Crow Point. The colours are so beautiful, a soft blue merging into a delicate grey/green. I feel the need to explore the possibilities of a gown!

Monday, 19 July 2010


I simply love this gown, it is so elegant with a little touch of vintage going on. Made in a dark Ivory Taffeta and adorned with vintage camellias. All of this gown is in separate pieces. The underskirt is A line ,with a huge over skirt and train cut with a waterfall front. The bodice is separate which crosses over to the side. The back is simple too, a low 'V' back finished off with five little covered button and a beautiful hand tied bow.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tidy up time!

Today I thought I'd get ready for the holidays and have a good tidy.After emptying every box of silk and sorting out flowers and trimming,I turned to my notice board and thought it looked rather appealing, it is certainly showing all the things I have been working on these last few months,things that appeal to me ...Photos, cards ,pattern pieces, sketches , news paper article and the like...Can you believe that the photo in the middle is me on my Wedding Day 22 years ago, in my going away outfit! This all reminds me of a very busy and happy past few months.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Don't forget the back view!

I thought you might enjoy looking at the back view of my Gown Isabella ,which I posted up last week. The beaded chiffon bodice is left open at the centre back,it has a button at the neck, and it is finished with 5 little button at the waist.Flowing out into a long train at the back. On the mannequin is a fun little gown called Alice, it is again in the Ivory Duchess Satin with an A line skirt. The bodice sits separately over the skirt , it is covered in a silk net with a flock pattern . I have finished it off with a pleated cummerbund tied in a knot. It has a 1950's feel to it and could come in a variety of shades.
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