Sunday, 5 December 2010

Home coming!

What a great weekend. I have managed to do 3 Christmas Fairs with the help of Flora and Alice, all being quite good earners and making some lovely friends on the way! Its quite interesting watching what people go for, some stand for long periods of time contemplating while other walk right up to you and take what they want quickly and walk away. I was lucky to sell nearly all my wears and what was left over ....I was really rather glad as ,I think they will make great pressies for my friends and family!
We had an unexpected surprise on Saturday. Harry came home a week early from his travels in SirLanka , he had run out of money. It was so good to see him and to hear all his funny stories of his travels and fantastic photography. For the first time I could actually see him following in my husbands footsteps as a travel writer and photographer, we are very proud of him and wish him well , Great to have you home Harry!
Exciting news for me this week as I have an add and small writeup coming out in a very trendy Wedding magazine called 'Wed' , I must go and buy it tomorrow.

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