Monday, 24 January 2011

All in pink!

I have been looking through my photos of old dresses and found this wonderful picture taken many years ago... so its very vintage! but not far off the current trend of today.
This was one of my first dresses ever made. Iced pink silk Dupion gown with a hand painted Organza fichu neckline, with a delicate rose trellis design. Of which James Hare Silks went on to buy the design from me and printed many hundreds off metres. I love this huge hand tied bow detail falling away onto the skirt. The back was finished with tiny button detail and a small puddle train. This needs to be revised, maybe I'll redesign it with a little bit of 2011 input.
Another detail that made me chuckle was my lovely models fringe!
This weekend I have been inspired by my daughter Izy's drive, she works so hard and never stops once she see's a clear way. I love it when she comes back home to use all my stuff and we can get all creative....come back soon Izy!

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