Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bias cut!

This gown in my workroom at the moment is so exciting and really rather clever!
The bodice is cut on the bias of the silk, which means across the diagonal of the fabric, this creates a natural elasticity which stretches and then springs back into shape. So for this design you can create amazing results , which look incredibly tight and flattering. The fabric actually breathes with your shape and although, when it is first put on it feels tight, after a few minutes it starts to mould to your natural shape. It is a design that lends itself to body shapes that are long waisted, pear shaped if worn with a fuller skirt,smallbusts and waists. It creates an amazing hourglass figure!
I have finished off this gown with a wrap over skirt that opens slightly when you walk. And a huge hand tied knot on the hips......So Elegant! Its made in a beautiful Tia Silk, but I have made it in an array of colours, so its not just for Weddings. Why not a Red Carpet too!!
It is featured in Wed Magazine this month.

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