Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spring Lamb by Flora

This Christmas holiday certainly has not seen the 'Fricker' family idle.
Flora has been extremely busy painting a lamb in her unique style of mixed media paints and glitter. She chose an eye catching spring theme.Flora was chosen by her school to paint this lamb, she had to submit several designs and was lucky enough to win the chance to take part in this project along with 2 others.
This lamb along with many more sheep and lambs {about 200] will be on view outside Exeter Cathedral later this year, all painted by artists from the region. You can view Elephants in London, Lions in Bath and other animals around the cities of Great Britain.
It is a huge privilege for Flora and we are very proud of her. 'Bbbbarbie' by the way, took about 15 hours to paint and glitter and Flora was in her own little world for many days. Watch this artist, shes going places!

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