Friday, 4 February 2011


Izy's Textile Art.....Ink on paper!
This week has flown by, lots has happened in the Fricker family.
Harry has arrived safely in Canada, where he sang last night at my great friend, Marie's, saloon bar, The Powder Horn, Bragg Creek. As I thought, he loves the place and as always, Marie is the greatest host....Please come home Harry!

I sent off another collection of handmade cards, to a shop in Clifton Village, Bristol. The drive is on to make many more, when there is a free moment from my gowns.

Izy has been busy with her work, and has had several pieces of her textiles chosen to go to Indigo in Paris and New York, the international textile fairs. And, she was offered a job with a card company. So proud of you, Izy - keep on going!
Flora has also been on a photo shoot with her Lamb, which I have already written about,early on in my blog.
Things are starting to get going on the Wedding front, albeit, slowly, but Rome wasn't built in a day!
I have been asked to show at Northcote Manor Wedding Fair. Invites only, so very honoured. I will blog more about this next week.

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