Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

We had lots of fun today in my studio.Instead of making Bridal Gowns, My daughters and I covered big pebbles from the beach in amazing colours of tin foil and lacquered them with PVA glue [about 6 layers] most important to let every layer of glue dry before adding the next one etc. When they are finished cut out a shaped bottom in a colourful felt and stick to the base.

I have been collecting tin foil for years, I now have quite a colourful collection.Why not start collecting all your wrappers from your eggs, its amazing how useful it can be, I use it on all sorts of projects.These pebbles are used in my studio as paperweights to stop my fine silks slipping when I cut out. They can be used for many things!

Alice and I made the bluebird too,and sat him in a twisted nest of twigs.

I hope you all enjoy your Easter!

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