Monday, 16 September 2013

Floral and french knotted silk with a skirt that moves like water!

I have been waiting a while to blog about this stunning gown that I made this summer.It was for a truly delightful and very beautiful bride Alice. 
Alice came to me with a very definite picture in her mind, and after a couple of hours of sketching, digging around in my fabric collection and churning all sorts of ideas about, Alice putting her trust in me and let me get to work on a very exciting project.
Her gown was made in a cream double crepe backed satin for the skirt, it was cut with plenty of fullness to create the movement of ripples of water when she walked. The bodice was made from a silk Dupion with an embroidered floral pattern and delicate french knots, we decided to use two colour ways for this. Alice was keen to bring a duck egg blue into the gown, as shewas given as a wedding gift from her Godmother and bridesmaids duck egg blue shoes from |L.K Bennett. They were truly amazing and looked stunning with the whole gown.
 I spent hours cutting out flowers and leaves and placing them around the bust line and lower bodice, each one had to be hand stitched into place. Several fittings later,
we had created the look that Alice was after. I am waiting for a photo of Alice and Ben on there wedding day, so that you can see the gown in all its glory!

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