Monday, 6 February 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

I am feeling like a little dose of sparkle today and I just couldn't resit this amazing diamond ring. I can not imagine how many hours of work goes into this exquisite piece.

Last week, I was assisting my daughter. She is designing  her final textile pieces for her degree show later on in April. Although I have been a designer of Bridal Wear for many years now, I have never [other than beading] made relief patterns onto fabric. After six days of none stop work, I have realised and now, appreciate more than ever  Decorative fabrics.

Most designers sample textiles get sent off to India, where families spend their entire lives stitching to recreate these designs, being paid very little. The sweat and tears that goes into making these pieces of cloth is endless.
It is so sad that a lot of people today do not even notice, let alone take into consideration how labour intensive this is. Maybe next time you see something exquisite, spare a thought for the skill and time that goes into producing it!

So maybe next time you see a garment that catches your eye spare a thought for the expertise  and long hours that go into producing it!

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