Monday, 5 September 2011

Term begins!

Monday the 5th of September
Today Flora starts college, she is studying a full time Art and Design Diploma. I am very excited for her as I know she will enjoy it and she will do so well. 
Alice is off to school, she is entering year 3 and is so excited. We have had a lovely summer holiday here in North Devon with are knew member to the Fricker family 'Salar' , and what a handful he is, he is also very very cute and cuddly.
I am back to the drawing board and full steam ahead, look out for tomorrows post!


  1. You have 2 adorable girls there! Flora is such a sweet and talented girl. And I'm sure Alice is just as talented. Love the puppy. Enjoy him while he's small. They grow so fast!

  2. Gorgeous pictures of the girls and Salar! Hope you have a productive day!!! Lots of love Sarah xx


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