Monday, 4 July 2011

Its all go!

Its been full on in the Fricker family over these passed few weeks.

Izy starts and intern this morning with Clarissa Hulse in Islington London. Check out her wonderful interiors and prints www.

Harry has moved down to Falmouth and is opening a fish Cafe in Gunwollow, on the Lizard. He will be head chef and he isn't 20 until Wednesday!

Flora is off to her prom [photos to follow] and Alice is about to loose her front tooth.

Williams away for the week, and I am just about to order some amazing silk to make a gown for my collection.

And I forgot its Bumble and Bear's first Birthday today!

Prom dress photos to follow later today!


  1. Happy birthday little ones and lots of love to Flora......we can't wait to catch a glimpse of the dress! love Sarah x

  2. A busy time Caroline, but its all good things. Love the picture of Alice and the cats. x


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