Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Wedding Dress

Last week it was my 23rd Wedding Anniversary, which I find hard to believe, but I suppose given that I have 4 children ranging from 22years to 6 its possible! I have found this photo and thought it was a great one to blog about.

William and I got married in Gloucester Cathedral in 1988, we were very lucky as not that many people are so privileged to do so. We were allowed to be married there because my grandfather was a Vicar  in the Cathedral for many years.

I had been designing Wedding gowns for a little while when we got married and I was getting quite well known in the national magazine's with my gowns, so that when Brides Magazine asked if they could feature our Wedding, I knew this would be a fantastic chance to really get my name out there.The Wedding dress had to be a spectacle, I remember going to so many fabric shows to find the right silk for the gown. I knew immediately when I saw the fabric. It was a Thai silk  printed with a paisley pattern in white on the palest of pink, it was hand printed in Germany...I loved it, it cost a small fortune but I placed a order for 25 metres and I  have never regretted it! I still adore it to this day.

I always design my gowns looking and feeling the fabric, so with this beautiful Silk I was so inspired, that I made two gowns, as I could not decide. Brides magazine chose the gown that I was to wear on the day.
I love this gown with the fichu neckline and the tiny little pleated trim around the top edge. Just showing underneath of the fichu is a puffed sleeve trimmed with a cotton lace.And at the centre front of the gown a silk camellia finishes off the look. 
The gown was full skirted with an over skirt that was open at the front and pulled back as I walked up the Isle. The train was one and a half metres long. I had a mid length veil and a headdress that sat around the back and sides off my head, made of course by me!
This whole gown was so 80's but I loved it and still do today!


  1. What a beautiful dress Caroline, you look so lovely. x

  2. Oh Caroline that is sooo gorgeous! Just the most lovely photos!! Love Sarah x


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