Thursday, 17 June 2010

Busy Busy..... Nearly all the Gowns are pressed ready for the big shoot on Monday, and I am hunting down props, I have ordered some amazing roses too. I am so grateful to Sarah as I know she has been sweeping and reorganising her amazing Farm over at Upcott, there are some beautiful shots to be had there, it is also an incredible tranquil setting so I do hope we are all calm on the day....
Harry my son is playing at Gold Coast on Friday evening, he is a very talented musician and we are all so proud of him. Gold Coast is a music /surf festival here in North Devon by the sea, and people come from all over the country for the weekend. My daughter Izy is also coming home from uni too so things are looking good!

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  1. Hi i met you at the North devon School of Art last week I am the button lady!! Great dresses what a fantastic talent you have, they are each so different and so beautiful i would have be hard pressed to pick just one! Sounds like you have had a busy wek aswell hope your son had a great time at oceanfest and your photoshoot was great fun( not to much stress) I was going to let you know that several people had wanted a copy of the button book so i was going to do a small ptint run when the show finishes and all the orderes are in. i will pm you. lovely blog look forward to your new photos x myka


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